All health services for diagnosis and treatment are provided in our clinic, inpatient and intensive care areas for children aged 0-15 who apply to our hospital with various health problems as well as following healthy child monitoring (vaccination-nutrition-development-scanning), preventive health services and development.

All babies born in our hospital are controlled in many stages with the same care and sensitivity. Hypothyroidism, biotidinase and phenylketonuria tests and cystic fibrosis screening and hearing tests are performed in accordance with the national screening program before discharged. Our babies are followed by our specialists at the end of a month from birth to do their hip-usg and vaccinations.

Our clinic is designed specially for our children to feel comfortable and safe. For our parents comfort we also have dressing room and breastfeeding room.

Diagnosis and Treatment Services of Department

  • Newborn Follow-up (0-28 days)
  • Newborn Screening Tests
  • Healthy Child Monitoring (1 month-15 years)
  • Pediatric Diseases Follow-up and Treatment
  • Growth and Development Follow-up
  • Vaccine Follow-up and Practice
  • Special vaccine implementation